11 Aug

Guidance City's Coaching Program for

Research Methods and Statistics - GATE Exam,

Starting from 20th August 2023 

Qualified and well experienced faculty

Evening classes, 3 times in a week

Weekly mock test

Q&A Sessions

Live classes, recording and study materials


-Approaches to research: Philosophical worldviews & criteria involved in approach. Research design: quantitative & qualitative, mixed methods.

- Designing research: Research problems, purpose statement, Variables and Operational Definitions, Hypothesis, Sampling.

- Nature of quantitative & qualitative research: Structured, semi-structured interviewing, self-completion questionnaires (Survey), observation, Experimental, Quasi-experimental, Field studies, Focus groups discussions, Narratives, Case studies, Ethnography.

- Ethics in conducting and reporting research

- Statistics in Psychology: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion. Normal Probability Curve. Parametric and Non-parametric tests Effect size and Power analysis.

- Correlational Analysis: Correlation [Product Moment, Rank Order], Partial correlation, multiple correlation. Special Correlation Methods: Biserial, Point biserial, tetrachoric, phi coefficient. Regression: Simple linear regression, Multiple regression. Factor analysis: Assumptions, Methods, Rotation and Interpretation.

- Experimental Designs: ANOVA [One-way, Factorial], Randomized Block Designs, Repeated Measures Design, Latin Square, Cohort studies, Time series, MANOVA, ANCOVA. Single-subject designs.


Early Birds: 15th August 2023

5500/- INR

4500/- INR (For GC Alumni)

After 15th August 2023

7500/- INR

6500/- INR (For GC Alumni)

Paytm - 8058829070

How to Register: Your Full Name, Qualification copy, One passport size photo, ID Proof (Adhaar Card/Driving Licence/Passport), Passport for International Participants and email address. (All the documents should be visible)

WhatsApp these mentioned details & documents copy with payment screenshot. (WhatsApp - +91-8058829070)

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